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You can create a community for your friends, or for strangers that are interested in similar things. All communities are public, and everyone can write to any community. (There’ll be communities restricted to certain people, but we’re still working on that for now.)

If you’re familiar with Reddit, Slashdot, or Usenet, it’s pretty similar. Aether does two main things differently though. The first is that it’s ephemeral. The content disappears after a while. The other is, the communities are democratic, they elect their own leadership.

Why does ephemerality matter? Simply, it’s easier to post things on Aether. It’ll be gone eventually. It’s less pressure. You’re not using your real name anyway, it’s not going to be following you around for the rest of your life.

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Go SDA2WAV Converter



The Go SDA2WAV converter takes a Stream Deck Audio file and converts it to a WAV file for use outside the StreamDeck official application. During my research I found that with no offcial stream deck app, most linux users don’t have access to the assett marketplace. When trying to determine how the marketplace is handled by the Windows streamdeck app, to see if it was possible to add in this functionality, I found that StreamDeck actually uses the Audioblocks API for these files. This may introduce certain licensing issues with use of these audio files. However, I will continue to finish this project to offer an alternative to my previous CSharp version.

[NOTE:] I am not an attorney, do your research, make the choices you feel are best. I am not responsible for any licensing issues that arrise when using my application to convert these files.