Projects @RAD

Below are my current projects! Check them out!

RAD CSharp Projects

SDA2WAV GitHub About SDA2WAV is a simple C# Program that allows you to convert the .streamDeckAudio format to a .WAV file. This is useful for individuals looking to use the free audio assets from Stream Deck outside of their software. Elgato uses a simple XOR Obfuscation to create their “proprietary” audio format. [NOTE:] During more recent research in writing a version for Linux users based in Go, I found that Elgato is using the AudioBlocks API for their audio assets.
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RAD Go Projects

Aether-App GitHub RAD Fork About You can create a community for your friends, or for strangers that are interested in similar things. All communities are public, and everyone can write to any community. (There’ll be communities restricted to certain people, but we’re still working on that for now.) If you’re familiar with Reddit, Slashdot, or Usenet, it’s pretty similar. Aether does two main things differently though. The first is that it’s ephemeral.
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